Why design matters for branded content

We explore why design is critical to branded content and offer a few hand-on tips on how you can implement these learnings today.

The battle for attention

The average person’s attention span today is a mere 8 seconds. As brands are looking to engage their prospects long enough to leave an impression, visuals are becoming more important. Research from the University of Minnesota has shown that the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than it processes text.

Using visuals drives engagement

‘Engagement’ is comprised of both consumption and shareability metrics, and good design is vital to getting these numbers to skyrocket. When it comes to content consumption, eye-tracking studies have repeatedly found that using detailed photos drastically improves both people’s desire to read material and the time they spend on it, Nielsen Norman Group reports. 

How can brands best leverage design?

Good design makes your content more digestible and memorable, as well as more shareable. With those lessons in mind, download the full pdf to read our four top design elements that can offer the greatest areas of opportunity to creating high-quality content.