Why B2B brands should invest in content

Learn how to create effective content from two B2B brands that are doing it best

Content marketing is an approach as old as America. Benjamin Franklin was not only a founding father but also a content marketer. In 1732, he began publishing an annual edition of a handbook with poems, observations and sayings called Poor Richard’s Almanack , to market his printing business. It became so popular he published it for another 25 years.

Fast forward to today. We live in a world saturated with content. Print is being surpassed by digital. Smartphones are changing how we consume media, increasing demand and more notably, supply. As a result, brands have to do more to cut through the noise. Earning their audience’s attention is a challenge: 60 per cent of B2B marketers struggle to make their content engaging. Marketers are under pressure to demonstrate the ROI of their marketing efforts, and for those who lack the right measurement structure it can be a challenge to prove the effectiveness of their content.

However, content is worth investing in. When done right, content marketing delivers impressive results. Those creating successful content attract 7.8 times more site traffic than competitors. It generates three times as many leads as traditional marketing, whilst being 62 per cent less expensive. As businesses reduce their overheads, content does two great things: it grants leads and a strategy for nurturing them. It comes as no surprise that conversion rates are nearly six times higher for those who adopt a content strategy, in comparison to those who don’t.

How do brands create effective content? They move away from overt sales messages, and focus on building a relationship with their audience over time. They capture their audience’s attention through finding the human interest angle to their story and they build credibility by adding value.

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