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Back to the future of content marketing

Content marketing has reached saturation as a medium. According to Forrester, 88 per cent of brands now use some form of content marketing and 70 per cent of UK marketers are investing more into it in 2017. Our upcoming event will focus on the past, present and future of the discipline in order to chart the route to continued success in a hyper-competitive marketplace.

As a part of Raconteur Custom Publishing’s ongoing event series, this breakfast briefing will bring together leaders in marketing, communications and media to explore how brands can create engaging and commercially impactful content programmes. 

The event will consist of three keynotes, followed a breakfast reception. One of the keynotes will be on our latest research on how 500 European C-suites consume content presented by our CEO Freddie Ossberg. It is set to challenge perceptions and foster new thinking on how to best reach and influence this elusive and influential demographic.

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